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  Ms. Shuqin Li, current faculty member of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, is specialized in modern and contemporary Chinese music history.

  Gratuated from the Middle School of Central Conservatory of Music(CCOM)as a violin major student in 1980, Ms Li attended the Musicology Department of CCOM in college and graduated in 1988. She got her Ph. D in 2007, major in modern and contemporary Chinese Music history, and was invited as a Fulbright research scholar at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in United States from 2009-2010.   

  The highlight of her research studies include Studies to Chinese Modern Instrumental Compositions (co-author,2019); Musical Memory of the People’s Republic of China (editing and co-writing, 2019), as well as publishing articles such as From the Political to the Academic Views: A Review of the Development of the Modern Chinese Music History Study in China(2012); A Research of the Chamber Music Works of Ma Sicong from 1937-1945(2002).

  Ms. Li is leading major research projects such as A Study on Future Development of Chinese Musical Creations and Diffusions, for the Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, and has completed projects such as The Compilation of Historical Data on Chinese Modern and Contemporary Music History (1840-2000) .

  As a professor in the Musicology Department of CCOM, Ms. Li’s students have won the first, second and third prizes numerous times in different academic competitions in China.   

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